Naturally good... We bake as in the good old days, with the demands of today

"You bake like good old time" is a sentence which I often hears. There is only an honest answer of "No"!

Simple reasons: as well as the housewife cone soup & co. for the kitchen was recommended, so also the bakers fared. You can make simply many products which always succeed! Until the first time that you reads the small print and telling yourself "There more E-numbers are inside than normal ingredients!"

That happened to me 16 years ago, as the desire to say what I deal with every day. Since that day we have updated all recipes. Many attempts were necessary, some setback was there, often came in the pondering whether it is what you are doing right.

A simple quotation best describes the endeavor:

Perfection does not arise when you can not add anything, but when you can not take anything away.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Now, I can say with joy the last baking mix is gone. No one think will never hear from me "I bake without E-numbers". Who makes this statement, never dealt intensively with the topic.
A jam without pectin *? A jelly cake, vegetarian, without AgarAgar *?
A wedding cake without dye?... No everything is not possible ;-)

My rules for our bakery & confectionery:

  • no cake mixes or improvers with an addition of more than 3%
  • no frozen pastry
  • plenty of good butter instead of margarine
  • No flavors that do not originate from the eponymous raw material 100%
  • no chemical synthetic emulsifiers
  • not chemically modified starches or flours
  • No colours in daily range... just marzipan figurines, wedding & gift cakes may not adorn themselves me colours
  • no preservatives
  • No taste enhancers, but real nature sourdough & starter
  • no raw materials from genetically modified seed

These rules apply to all our products... regardless of whether bread, cakes or pies... Don't you believe me?
Our complete ingredient lists you will find here on our website! Or you just talk me,

Your Baker with passion
Marlon Gnauck

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