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Die Familie meiner Mutter stammt und wohnt noch in Sachsen. Seit Kinderzeit gab es bei uns Dresdner Stollen, selbst zu DDR-Zeiten bekamen wir aus Dresden Stollen geschickt, die Mandel, Rosinen, Zitronat haben wir vorher nach Dresden geschickt. Advent, mein Geburtstag und Weihnachten ohne Stollen geht einfach nicht. Und der von der Fa. Gnauck ist einfach Spitze.
geschrieben am Sonnabend, 21.November.2015 20:48:06 von Christa Schäffer

This is the first year for ordering for me. I searched high and low for a German bakery that could deliver to the USA. I came across your website. Last year my friend gave me some Stollen to eat and I have never had any before. His brother who lives in Germany brought it with him when he came to the USA to visit with relatives. All I could remember was the metal box and the picture on it. When I found your website it matched the same exact box they had with Dresden on it. So good and I am looking forward to sharing this with other friends and relatives for the Christmas season. Thank you.
geschrieben am Sonntag, 1.November.2015 14:52:03 von Tim Wilkins

My husband, born in Germany, LOVES the original raisin stollen. He eats the entire thing himself during Christmas week. We also purchased these for relatives when we were in Dresden visiting Christmas markets several years ago.
geschrieben am Montag, 26.Oktober.2015 8:36:07 von Kathleen m Gmelin

Love these Stollens and can highly recommend the chocolate version. Have been ordering for a couple of years now and will definitely be back. Even a delivery snafu was quickly and efficiently sorted by Marlon. Great service!
geschrieben am Montag, 12.Januar.2015 14:11:00 von Sam

Great service and great Stollen. It will go a long way in making our Christmas perfect. Thank you.
geschrieben am Mittwoch, 17.Dezember.2014 18:45:57 von Linden

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